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Arcalion (Sulbutiamine) - 200mg (60 Tablets)

Arcalion (Sulbutiamine) - 200mg (60 Tablets)

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Sulbutiamine (Arcalion) is a nootropic that can help improve memory and cognition. A form of synthetic Vitamin B1, sulbutamine is the only type of compound that is used for the treatment of Asthenia. It is often used to help with the treatment of chronic fatigue. Other posible uses include psychogenic erectile dysfunction, thyroid conditions, diabetes, fibromyalgia, kidney disease and post-partum depresion.

Sulbutiamine has been used in a variety of studies for the possible treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimerís disease. There are some good reports out there regarding double blind studies of such patients. The daily recommended dose of this medicine for any ailment can range from 200 mg to 600 mg per day. The doctor will normally start a patient out with a low dose and then increase it over time if necessary.

There have been some side effects associated with the use of Sulbutiamine. They include headache, nausea, insomnia, and dry mouth. If you experience tingling in the extremities, swelling of the face, trouble with breathing, or changes in your heart rate you need to seek medical attention. Never use this medication with alcohol. It isnít recommended to use this medicine without the approval of your doctor, but many people do by it online and use it to self medicate.

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