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Dutagen (Dutasteride) - 0.5mg (10 Capsules)

Dutagen (Dutasteride) - 0.5mg (10 Capsules)

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Dutagen (Dutasteride)

Dutagen (Dutasteride) and Hair Loss

During studies of dutasteride and BPH it was discovered that dutasteride had a strong effect on hair regrowth. Latter studies have shown dutasteride to be more effective than other similar treatments in treating hair loss. The hair regrowth seen with dutasteride was greater in number and thickness.

Dutagen (Dutasteride) and BPH (Enlarged Prostate)

Dutagen (Dutasteride) is a type of medication for males that are dealing with a prostate that is larger than normal (BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia). Such swelling can be very painful and it can also make a many very nervous. Being able to resolve the concern without undergoing surgery is what they are hoping for. This medication has been very successful for many men in such a predicament.

Dutagen (Dutasteride) Usage

In order to get the best results from Dutagen (Dutasteride) though a man has to take it daily. A set schedule that allows it to be taken around the same time each day is best. It can be taken with food or without so that can help a man get the flexibility of use for it. Many men though stop taking this medication once they feel better. Then the problem can be recurring.

The doctor will determine how long a man is to take it and the daily dose. This will be calculated based on the overall assessment and the physical examination. It is very important to keep all follow up appointments too. That way the dose can be modified if necessary. If the medication is taken for 6 months and the prostate is still enlarged then surgery may have to be the next step to consider.

Dutagen (Dutasteride) Precautions

It is important to completely disclose your medical history with the doctor before you are given Dutagen (Dutasteride). If there are problems with the liver, the kidneys, or prostate cancer has been in your past then this form of medication isnít the best one to take and your doctor can help you with pursuing other alternatives.

Dutagen (Dutasteride) Side Effects

Many men worry about the various side effects from taking Dutagen (Dutasteride). This medication can make it very difficult for a man to get an erection. It has also caused lower libido and lower amounts of sperm for many men. However, the side effects donít affect everyone and the benefits from this medication can be worth exploring.

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