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Siterone (Cyproterone) - 50mg (50 Tablets)

Siterone (Cyproterone) - 50mg (50 Tablets)

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Cyproterone and Prostate Cancer

Males may develop cancer in their prostate gland and there are various forms of medication offered to help with the treatment of it. One of them that is commonly offered is Cyproterone. This particular type of medicine works to reduce the amount of testosterone that the body is naturally going to produce.

Cyproterone Dosage

The amount of Cyproterone that has to be taken daily depends on many factors. The severity of the cancer and the overall health of the male are the main factors that are looked at. The doctor will try to start a patient out with the reasonable amount that they think can help them. Then the situation can be evaluated in a few weeks. If more of the medication is needed then it will be adjusted slowly over time.

There are two forms of Cyproterone – tablets and injections. The tablets can be taken at home but the injections typically have to be done at the doctor’s office. However, instead of taking it daily the male may only have to get an injection once per week. It is very important to tell the doctor if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to any type of medicine or food.

Cyproterone Precautions

Cyproterone is often used in conjunction with other forms of medication to fight prostate cancer. However, it doesn’t always interact well with all medications. Therefore the patient has to tell the doctor about meds they take, over the counter products they use, and if they take anything herbal in nature.

A complete medical history will be taken by the doctor too. There are some serious health concerns that may not make a male a good candidate for the use of Cyproterone. They include males that have experienced blood clots, problems with circulation, have had a stroke, have heart disease, or that have Type 2 Diabetes.

Cyproterone Side Effects

Many men find that they suffer from chronic fatigue when they first start taking Cyproterone. However, that side effect should start to diminish over a period of several weeks. For some men though the fatigue can linger for up to three months. Since some men become dizzy when they take it they need to find out how it will affect them before operating a vehicle or machinery.

There are some other side effects that may be experienced with the use of Cyproterone. Most of the time though they are very mild. This list includes backache, pain in the abdomen, dark stools or urine, and dizziness. If severe side effects such as blurred vision, chest pain, or tingling in the extremities occurs then a doctor should be contacted as soon as possible.

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Siterone (Cyproterone) - 50mg (50 Tablets) Siterone (Cyproterone) - 50mg (50 Tablets) Siterone (Cyproterone) - 50mg (50 Tablets)