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Lamictal DC (Lamotrigine) - 50mg (30 Tablets)

Lamictal DC (Lamotrigine) - 50mg (30 Tablets)

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Lamictal DC 50mg

When a person is experiencing seizures, it can be a scary situation. Even with all of the advanced in medical technology, it can still be difficult to understand why such issues occur. Being able to control seizures is the key since there isnít a known cure at this time. Lamictal DC 50 mg (Lamotrigine 50mg) is often prescribed for such a need.

What is Lamotrigine Used for?

Reducing the frequency of seizures as well as the severity of them is why a doctor may prescribe Lamictal DC 50 mg. This medicine shouldnít be used by anyone under the age of 16. It is almost always going to be prescribed along with other forms of medicine. Should you stop taking this medication or any of the others, the risk is very high that the seizures will get worse and that they will become more severe.

Lamotrigine Dosing & Administration

It can take time to determine the right dose of medicine for you to take. Your doctor may initially prescribe either 5 mg or 25 mg per day for you. After a few weeks it may be determined that it is in your best interest for the dose to be increased to 50 mg per day. Never make that determination on your own. Only take the amount that your doctor has stated for you to. Donít skip doses, even when you feel good.

Try to take Lamictal DC 50 mg at the same time very day. If you experience any nausea, take it with food. Keeping track of how you feel is a good way to help your doctor determine if this is the right dose for you. Document any seizures, when they occur, how long they last, and other details. You may need to be increased to either 100 mg or 200 mg for the best outcome.

Side Effects & Precautions of Lamotrigine

Your overall health has to be taken into consideration before the doctor will feel comfortable prescribing Lamictal DC 500 mg for you. If you have heart problems, liver issues, kidney disease, or diabetes then it may not be a good idea. However, it may be determined that in spite of the risks, the potential benefits are to your advantage. The pros and cons have to be carefully evaluated on a case by case basis.

There may be some general size effects you experience when you take Lamictal DC 50 mg. They should completely subside after a few weeks. If they donít, tell your doctor. Such side effects to be ready for are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

There can be some serious side effects that you want to watch for when you start to take this medicine. They can include:

  • Rash
  • Swelling of the face, hands, or legs

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