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Amisulpride (Sulpitac) - 50mg (10 Tablets)

Amisulpride (Sulpitac) - 50mg (10 Tablets)

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Amisulpride is an Antipsychotic for Schitzophrenia

Amisulpride (Sulpitac)is a type of antipsychotic medication that is often used for the treatment of Schizophrenia. There are many complex issues that fall into this category and they often stem from brain activity not being normal. It is believed this type of medication can help to change the messages that are sent between the brain and the central nervous system.

Amisulpride Dosage and Administration

The dose of Amisulpride to be taken depends on the patient and their needs. The more severe the Schizophrenia is the more medication that the patient needs to take. However, the dose will often be lower at first and then it can be increased over time if needed to regulate behavior. It is vital that someone using Amisulpride takes it every single day. If they stop taking it once they feel better then psychotic episodes are very likely to start again. It is recommended to take Amisulpride at the same time very day. Amisulpride may need to be taken for several weeks before a person feels better. To help reduce the risk of nausea or vomiting it shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach.

Amisulpride Precautions

Make sure your doctor is well aware of any other medicines that you take. This includes herbal products and over the counter products. They may render the Amisulpride less effective than it should be.

A patient should never take more of Amisulpride than their doctor prescribes. There are various side effects that may occur. Usually they will go away after a couple of weeks of taking Amisulpride. They include fatigue, weight gain, dry mouth, insomnia, and anxiety.

Women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t use Amisulpride. The consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs while on Amisulpride can cause very serious health problems or death. Individuals with blood disorders, high blood pressure, heart problems, or liver problems may not be able to use it. The doctor will need to complete a full assessment.

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Sulpitac 50 (Amisulpride) - 50mg (10 Tablet) Sulpitac 50 (Amisulpride) - 50mg (10 Tablet) Sulpitac 50 (Amisulpride) - 50mg (10 Tablet)