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Fenofibrate (Lipicard) - 160mg (10 Tablets)

Fenofibrate (Lipicard) - 160mg (10 Tablets)

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Fenofibrate 160mg

Fenofibrate and High Cholesterol

Fenofibrate (Lipicard) can help control high cholesterol (hypercholesterolaemia). Controlling high cholesterol is very important for the overall benefit of your health. Fenofibrate should be used in conjunction with a low fat diet. Sometimes that type of eating alone isnít enough to take care of the problem. By reducing the fat build up, you can reduce your risk for heart disease.

How Fenofibrate Works

When cholesterol is high, it builds up along the walls of the arteries. This reduces the process of normal blood flow through those arteries. As a result, there isnít enough oxygen getting to the brain, heart, or the rest of the body. Fenofibrate is an Antilipemic agent. It is able to help remove cholesterol from the body quickly so that it wonít build up and create problems.

Fenofibrate Dosage and Usage

In order for Fenofibrate to work, it has to be taken once per day. If you skip doses then it wonít work like it should. Taking more of this medication than you should wonít help to reduce cholesterol levels. However, it will increase the overall adverse effects. Only take what your doctor recommends per day. This medication can be taken with food or without so do what works best for you.

It is common for a low dose of this medication to be given at first. Your doctor will evaluate your progress with it after a couple of weeks. It may be determined that you need to take more of it. After about 2 months, if there isnít significant results your doctor may change the medication from Fenofibrate to something else.

Fenofibrate Side Effects and Precautions

Individuals with diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, or gall bladder concerns arenít a good candidate for the use of this medication. Some common side effects that may be experienced include constipation or diarrhea, heartburn, and a headache. They should go away after a week or so of use.

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