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Febuxostat (Zurig) - 40mg (30 Tablets)

Febuxostat (Zurig) - 40mg (30 Tablets)

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Febuxostat 40mg

Febuxostat for Gout

Febuxostat (Zurig 40mg) is treatment for gout. Gout is a serious and painful arthritis that can get worse over time. Uric acid builds up and forms very sharp crystals in areas of the body. These crytals can cause joints to flare up and make it the patient very uncomfortable.

While all joints in the body can be affected by joint it is almost always those of the legs and feet that are affected. It is very important to understand that Febuxostat can be taken daily in an effort to offset gout attacks. It doesn’t do any good to take it once the flare up has occurred. It can take 10 days or so for gout to go away and that is a long time to be in pain.

Febuxostat Dosage and Administration

Taken daily, Febuxostat can help relieve the symptoms of gout by inhibiting the conversion of purines into uric acid in the body. The starting dosage will depend on the concentration of uric acid in the body and may change over time as the level of uric acid decreases. Your doctor will be able to monitor this through a standard blood test.

Febuxostat tablets should be taken each morning and can be taken with or without food. Your doctor will schedule you for routine blood tests to check the amount of uric acid in your body.

You may need to take this medication for several weeks before you notice any improvement. To reduce the pain in these first weeks, you may take an anti-inflammatory along with febuxostat.

Febuxostat Side Effects

Somem people taking Febuxostat may notice side effects such as nausea, headaches, and stiff joints. If any of these become troublesome, contact your doctor. Likewise, if you notice any signs of allergy (rash, shortness of breath) you should contact your doctor immediately.

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