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Lipex (Simvastatin) - 20mg (30 Tablets)

Lipex (Simvastatin) - 20mg (30 Tablets)

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Lipex 20mg

Lipex and High Cholesterol

Sometimes a person canít seem to combat their struggle with high cholesterol in the body. Lipex can be the aid that they need when they do eat better and they do have a great exercise regimen in place. Sometimes the human body is going to continue producing high levels of cholesterol in spite of such efforts. This medication though will block it from being created.

That doesnít give anyone taking Lipex a free pass though to eat what they want and to sit around all day. It is important to understand that the value of this medication will really only be there if you are willing to do your part and exercise and eat well. In fact, many doctors wonít prescribe it unless they are confident that the patient has been dedicated to making lifestyle changes that will positively impact their level of cholesterol.

Lipex Dosage and Administration

Women tend to need a lower dose of Lipex than men. For women it is about 20 mg per day and for men up to 40 mg per day. Usually both genders will take the lower dose though for a few weeks to see how the body responds to it. Blood work will be done initially and then after that trial period. If there are positive results the medication will continue. Routine blood work should be scheduled every 3 or 6 months too in order to keep monitoring it.

Lipex Precautions and Side Effects

It isnít advised to consume very much grapefruit or the juice of one while taking this particular medication. Doing so can create more cholesterol and that is the battle you are trying to win against. Those with liver or kidney problems shouldnít use this form of medication as it can further aggravate those types of serious health concerns.

The use of alcohol is discouraged while using Lipex as it can increase various side effects. A person may experience fatigue, a runny nose, nausea, headaches, and a change to the color of their urine while taking this medication. Those side effects should go away in time though. If there are changes in breathing or heart rate though donít ignore such serious issues. Let a medical professional know about them.

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