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Zudena-100 (Udenafil) - 100mg (4 Tablets)

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) - 100mg (4 Tablets)

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Zudena-100 (Udenafil) - 100mg (4 Tablets)

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) Uses

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) is used to treat erectile dysfunction characterized by an inability to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory intercourse.

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) does not have a direct relaxing effect on a cavernous body, but upon sexual stimulation enhances the relaxing effect of nitric oxide by inhibiting PDE-5, which is responsible for the breakdown of cGMP in the cavernous body. The consequence of this is relaxation of the muscles of the arteries and blood flow to the tissues of the penis, which causes an erection.

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) improves erection and the possibility of successful sexual intercourse.

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) Dosage and Administration

Always follow your doctor`s instructions when using Zudena-100 (Udenafil) to get the safest and most effective results from treatment. The recommended dose of the drug is 100 mg (1 tablet), taken 30 minutes before the alleged sexual activity, regardless of food intake. The dose can be increased to 200 mg (2 tablets), taking into account the individual effectiveness and tolerability of the drug. The effect of the drug lasts up to 24 hours. The effect manifests itself already 30 minutes after taking the drug in the presence of sexual arousal.

The maximum recommended frequency of use is 1 time per day.

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) Adverse effects

The use of Zudena-100 (Udenafil) may cause side effects in some patients including:

  • flushing of the face
  • dizziness, paresthesia
  • redness of the eyes, blurred vision, pain in the eyes, increased lacrimation
  • swelling of the eyelids, face, urticaria
  • dyspepsia, discomfort in the abdomen
  • nausea, toothache, constipation
  • nasal congestion, shortness of breath, dry nose
  • headache
  • chest discomfort, sensation of heat
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue
  • thirst

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any serious or worrying symptoms.

Zudena-100 (Udenafil) Precautions

Sexual activity has a potential risk for patients with cardiovascular disease; therefore, treatment of erectile dysfunction should not be carried out in men with heart disease for whom sexual activity is not recommended.

Due to the lack of clinical data on the use of udenafil in patients older than 71 years of age, this drug is not recommended.

Udenafil is not recommended in combination with other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Tell your doctor or ambulance immediately if there are any signs of an allergic reaction after taking the medicine. Typically, an allergic reaction is accompanied by symptoms such as rash, itching, tearing, swelling, shortness of breath, chest or abdominal discomfort.

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Zudena-100 (Udenafil) 100mg for Erectile Dysfunction