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Zulu (Tizanidine/Nimesulide) - 2mg/100mg (10 Tablets)

Zulu (Tizanidine/Nimesulide) - 2mg/100mg (10 Tablets)

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Zulu (Tizanidine + Nimesulide)

Zulu contains Tizanidine (a muscle relaxant) and Nimesulide (an NSAID) and is recommended for patients that have problems with muscles tightening up and various cramps or spasms due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), they may be able to benefit from the combination of Tizanidine + Nimesulide. Tizanidine + Nimesulide is able to block various signals from the nerves in the spine that go to the brain. As a result, a person will have greater control over their movements.

Tizanidine + Nimesulide is only offered by prescription, and it will need to be taken several times a day. Once the doctor has done a full assessment, they can give a time frame for taking it. Most patients will need to take Tizanidine + Nimesulide every 6 to 8 hours, not to exceed 3 doses per day. The amount of the dose will vary depending on the severity of the MS. The doctor will start you with a low dose and carefully monitor the progress. Over time, it may be necessary to increase that dose. The daily dose shouldn’t exceed 36 mg per 24 hours.

Tizanidine + Nimesulide is offered in a tablet form that is taken orally. To help reduce the risk of nausea they should be taken with food or shortly after a meal. To help ensure the body is able to fully absorb Tizanidine + Nimesulide the diet should be one that is low in fat. Many people experience dry mouth so increasing the amount of water that is consumed or sucking on ice chips can be beneficial.

Other common side effects you may experience including fatigue, muscle pain, and constipation. Until you know if Tizanidine + Nimesulide will make you drowsy you shouldn’t operate a vehicle or machinery. Some individuals experience chances in mood. If you notice yellowing of the skin or eyes known as jaundice then you should immediately let your doctor know.

Individuals that have liver or kidney problems aren’t a good candidate for the use of Tizanidine + Nimesulide. Individuals that have heart problems may not be able to take it, but this has to be evaluated with your doctor.

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Zulu (Tizanidine & Nimesulide) Tizanidine & Nimesulide Tablets