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Tizanidine (Tizan) - 2mg (10 Tablets)

Tizanidine (Tizan) - 2mg (10 Tablets)

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Tizanidine (Tizan) is a muscle relaxant that may be used to slow down the severity of the symptoms of MS. Individuals that have Multiple Sclerosis, also called MS, have problems with muscle tone and muscle spasms. To help keep the muscles strong and to offer more control over muscle movement the use of medicine is required. This type of medicine is classified as a muscle relaxer. It slows down the brain activity and that enables to the nervous system to tell the muscles they can relax.

Tizanidine is available as a capsule and it should be taken orally with food two or three times per day. Your doctor will try you on the lower dose first but if you need to take more then it will be increased. Donít take more of this medicine without the approval of your doctor.

Donít skip doses as that will make it harder to control MS. It is important to keep all of your appointments with the doctor too so that they can see the progress you are making with the use of this medicine. Make sure your doctor is fully aware of any other medicines you are taking as many of them donít mix well with Tizanidine. Individuals with liver or kidney problems arenít a good candidate for the use of it.

You should never stop taking Tizanidine without the supervision of your doctor. If you do so you may have changes in your heart rate and you may have an increase in your blood pressure that isnít safe. The correct way to stop taking it is to slowly taper the dose over time. Your doctor can assist you with that process.

It is possible for some side effects to develop with the use of this medicine. Such side effects include dizziness, fatigue, nausea, tingling in the extremities, dry mouth, and abdominal pain. If you experience depression, swelling of the face, or changes in breathing you need to let your doctor know right away.

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