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Cefixime (Zifi) - 200mg (10 Tablets)

Cefixime (Zifi) - 200mg (10 Tablets)

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Cefixime 200mg

Cefixime is a Powerful Antibiotic

Cefixime (Zifi) is a powerful antibiotic that is often used when a personís immune system wonít tolerate other types of common antibiotics anymore. That can happen if they have chronic bacterial infections. It can also be used to treat bacterial infections that can be very serious. That includes lung infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Cefixime Dosage and Usage

It is important to take Cefixime as directed. Some patients will need to take it only once per day. Others will take it twice depending on the health concern and the severity of it. Most people start to feel better after just a couple of doses of this medication. However, it is vital that you continue to take it for the full duration. Otherwise, there is a risk that the bacteria wonít be completely killed off.

This medication can be used for both children and adults. It is usually offered in a tablet form. A dose of this antibiotic may be for 5 days or span as long as 14 days. Keep this medication out of the sunlight or it can hinder the value of it.

Cefixime Precautions and Side Effects

Make sure to consume lots of water while taking Cefixime. Limit the intake of caffeine, citrus, and donít drink alcohol with it. Always share with your doctor any supplements or other medications you are taking. Possible side effects include nausea but that can be reduced if you take this medicine with food or a glass of milk. Some users experience mild headaches, diarrhea, or constipation.

It is normal for a small rash to occur on the body when the first doses are taken. However, if the rash is very bad or it continues to spread you need to tell your doctor. Any swelling of the face or difficulty with breathing should be immediately reported to a doctor.

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