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Champix 1mg (28 Tablets)

Champix 1mg (28 Tablets)

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Champix can help Quit Smoking

Champix is a type of medication that may help people to stop smoking when they havenít been able to give it up on their own. The amount of the daily dose will depend on various factors. Some things that influence it are the length of time someone has used cigarettes, how much they smoke per day, and their overall level of health.

Champix Dosage

The typical dose of this medicine is .5 mg but then it can be bumped up to 1 mg per day if that doesnít seem to be doing well enough for the individual. Once the dose has been set then the plan is to help the individual be able to slowly cut back on it so that when they are no longer taking it they are no longer smoking.

It is very important to follow the exact amount of Champix to take according to that plan. Any questions should be discussed with the doctor to make sure it is all on track. Varenicline is the active ingredient in this medicine. It tells the brain that it no longer needs the nicotine. At the same time it works to stop the cravings for nicotine.

Champix Usage

The typical time frame for a male to stop smoking with the use of Champix is 12 weeks. To help reduce the risk of nausea it should be taken with food. Support is also believed to be a big part of this program being successful. Some individuals feel dizzy and sleepy when they take this medicine. It is important to know how it will affect you before you drive or use machinery under the influence of it.

Champix Precautions

There have been some reports of people suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide when they use Champix. Anyone taking MAOIs or who has been diagnosed with mental health concerns shouldnít use this product.

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