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Acivir Cream (Aciclovir) - 5% (10g Tube)

Acivir Cream (Aciclovir) - 5% (10g Tube)

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Acyclovir Cream

Acyclovir Cream and Herpes

Acyclovir cream is an anti viral medication that can help to reduce the inflammation and stop the pain resulting from herpes, and encourage the problem to clear up in less time. Many individuals develop cold sores on the face, especially around the lips. These are the results of the herpes virus. They can be very painful and also embarrassing. The use of this medication isnít a cure for herpes but it can be used to help with controlling it.

How to apply Acyclovir Cream

Always wash your hands and your face well before you apply the cream to the affected areas. You want to limit it getting into the skin around the affected area, so do your best to isolate the application. The Acyclovir cream needs to be completely rubbed in until it disappears. Make sure you wash your hands again when you have completed the process.

The cream should be applied every four hours. It is important not to skip doses as that can prevent you from getting the full benefits this antiviral medication can offer. Always complete the use of the product until it is gone. Your herpes may clear up before you run out, but you need to continue with it. Failure to do so can allow the virus to return and another outbreak to occur.

Always keep the affected area open, donít cover it up with a bandage of any type. Avoid swimming while you are using this cream. This product is for herpes on the face only, and it should never be used for the treatment of genital herpes. Avoid using lipstick, chap stick, and sunscreen while you are using this product.

Acyclovir Cream Side Effects and Precautions

Always disclose to your doctor if you are taking any types of medications, herbal products, or supplements. Many of them wonít interact well with the use of Acyclovir cream. However, this medication isnít absorbed into the blood so the interaction level is far less than what you would have with Acyclovir tablets.

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