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Lipex (Simvastatin) - 10mg (30 Tablets)

Lipex (Simvastatin) - 10mg (30 Tablets)

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Lipex 10mg

Lipex to Reduce Cholesterol

Being able to control high cholesterol with diet and exercise alone can seem impossible. For those that are eating right and being active the doctor may recommend a form of medication called Lipex. This helps by preventing the body from being able to produce the same levels of cholesterol that it was before.

When a person has high cholesterol it increases their chances of a heart attack or heart disease. Taking this medication on a daily basic can significantly lower those risks. This is especially true for those that have had a heart attack in the past or that have a genetic family history of heart disease.

Lipex Usage and Dosage

Most people do well with a low dose of Lipex. This is usually about 20 mg and it is taken once a day in pill form. It can take several weeks for someone to realize how well this product works for them. It is a good idea to schedule a follow up doctorís appointment to discuss it. Then the dose can be kept the same or increased if needed. The dose should never exceed 40 mg per day.

Lipex tends to be acceptable to the body with food or without it. However, if you experience any nausea you will want to make sure you take it with food. Not everyone is going to be able to successfully use this form of medicine.

Lipex Precautions and Drug Interactions

One of the big barriers with Lipex is that it doesnít do so well with other medications. For those that have ongoing health problems that they take other prescriptions for it could be a bad mix.

With that in mind you have to make sure you always tell your doctor about any problems you may have and any medications you take. Donít leave out vitamins, supplements, over the counter products, or herbal items. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have any problems with the liver or kidneys. Such individuals usually arenít recommended to take Lipex.

Lipex Side Effects

Most side effects with this medicine are very mild. They can include chills, darker urine, mild headaches, and mild joint pain. There are some that have had breathing difficulties though or heart rate changes. Those types of side effects shouldnít be ignored so tell the doctor about them right away.

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Lipex (Simvastatin) - 10mg (30 Tablets) Lipex (Simvastatin) - 10mg (30 Tablets) Lipex (Simvastatin) - 10mg (30 Tablets)