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Imiquimod (Imiquad) Cream 5% (3 Sachets)

Imiquimod (Imiquad) Cream 5% (3 Sachets)

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Imiquimod (Imiquad)

Imiquimod Uses

Imiquimod (Imiquad) is a type of medication that may be prescribed for someone that has a type of pre cancerous growth that develops on an area of the skin. This is typically in the form of genital warts that can form around the genitals of both genders and the anus region. This type of medication is a modifier for the immune system and aids in its response.

The use of this type of medication can give the immune system the messages it needs to go fight the growths on the skin. Imiquimod has been approved by the FDA for use on individuals from ages 12 and up. This medication is a topical ointment that has to be applied directly to the affected areas once per day. It is important to make sure the hands are clean before applying and then to wash them right after. It is best to apply it right before going to bed.

It can take up to four months of use before the areas of the skin growth have completely diminished. The time frame depends on the severity of the outbreak and the overall health of the patient. Stress and anxiety can create a larger problem than when someone is able to stay relaxed and calm about the health concern.

Imiquimod Precautions

Wearing cotton underwear is a good idea as it gives the body the right amount of air for circulating. This additional effort can help the Imiquimod to work much faster. The area should be washed daily with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh products to the anus or genital area that can irritate the skin growths further.

Imiquimod Side Effects

There may be some side effects that occur when someone is using this product. They include the area around the genitals and the anus becoming red and swollen. They may also be tender to the touch and painful when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Your doctor may recommend something for itching too so that you won’t be tempted to bother them. As the skin growths heal up they will become scabbed over and that is when the itching will be the worst.

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