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Torsemide (Dytor) - 100mg (10 Tablets)

Torsemide (Dytor) - 100mg (10 Tablets)

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Torsemide 100mg

Torsemide (Dytor) may be taken in order to help reduce that fluid amount that is being retained in the body. Edema is a very serious side effect of many health concerns. This is a condition where the body is retaining too much water and salt. As a result, the arms, legs, and the abdominal region can be very swollen. This can make the heart, the liver, and the kidneys work harder than they should.

The use of Torsemide allows the extra fluid to be taken out of the body through the urine. A user of Torsemide may find that they are using the bathroom many more times per day than usual. Taking the medicine at the same time each day is helpful. Many patients find that if they take it early in the day they donít have to get up as often to urinate throughout the night. This medicine can be taken with food or on an empty stomach.

The downside to this medicine is that it can take up to six weeks before benefits are known. The use of Torsemide should continue though as long as the doctor says it is okay to do so. Never take more of it than recommended as that will increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. That is a very serious side effect of Torsemide that you have to be careful with. When your doctor prescribes this medicine, they should give you the possible indicators of dehydration to watch out for.

Torsemide is a pill that is taken orally. It doesnít interact well with many types of medicine including over the counter products. Always inform your doctor before you take any products with this medicine so that you can avoid adverse reactions. You may experience headaches or dizzy spells initially when you use this type of medication.

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