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Clobetasol Ointment (Dermol Ointment) - 30g Tube

Clobetasol Ointment (Dermol Ointment) - 30g Tube

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Clobetasol Cream

Clobetasol Cream is a Corticosteroid

Clobetasol Cream contains Clobetasol Propionate which is a type of synthetic Corticosteroid. It is often prescribed as a topical solution for various types of skin problems. It is given by prescription after a Dermatologist has determined that something stronger than an over the counter product is needed by the patient.

This is a very strong medication that falls into the category of a topical steroid. It should only be used by the person that it was prescribed for. The product should be kept in a location where it is away from extreme heat or cold as that could reduce the value that it offers for the skin.

Clobetasol Cream for Skin Problems

It is mainly used to help with reducing swelling, redness, and itching of the skin. Clobetasol Cream can be rubbed into the area several times a day. It is important to only apply it with hands that are clean so that the risk of further irritation is reduced. The hands should also be washed again after the Clobetasol Cream has been applied.

It is only recommended to use this product for up to 2 weeks. If the skin isn’t improving at that point, then the Dermatologist may have to prescribe something different. Individuals that have Cushing’s Disease or Glucosuria may have periodic skin outbreaks that Clobetasol Cream is used to care for.

Women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t use Clobetasol Cream. It has been associated with various types of birth defects for a fetus. It can also cause developmental problems for a baby that is being breastfed.

Some users experience a temporary burning sensation when they use Clobetasol Cream. It should go away soon after applying it. If the burning continues it is important to contact your Dermatologist. Some patients experience skin that is dry and cracking around the location where they have used this cream.

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Clobetasol Ointment (Dermol Ointment)