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Thyronorm (Levothyroxine) - 100mcg (100 Tablets)

Thyronorm (Levothyroxine) - 100mcg (100 Tablets)

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Levothyroxine (Thyronorm) 100mcg

Many couples want to have a baby, and when it doesnít occur naturally they turn to professionals to find out why. One of the causes of infertility could be due to a woman having low thyroid hormone levels. To help increase them, and to increase the chances of pregnancy, a type of medication known as Thyroxine Sodium (Thyronorm) may be prescribed. This type of medicine can help the body to get the levels of the thyroid hormone it needs when the thyroid gland isnít creating enough of it for one reason or another. Thyroxine Sodium is the same as Levothyroxine.

This medicine may take several weeks to offer benefits and to help with regulating the thyroid hormone enough for a woman to have a chance to become pregnant. For other women, it can take many months for that to occur so patients have to be very diligent in their efforts. The dose that the doctor prescribes is very important to adhere to. Skipping doses will decrease the chance of getting pregnant. Taking more than prescribed may cause serious health concerns.

This medication needs to be taken first thing in the morning. Take Thyroxine Sodium with a full glass of water and avoid eating or drinking anything else for 1 hour. This allows the body to have enough time to benefit from the medication without it being diluted. Make sure your doctor is well aware of any other medications you take Ė prescription or otherwise. Many of them wonít work well with the use of this one.

A side effect from Thyroxine Sodium that many women worry about is hair loss. It can be very evident in the first couple of weeks of use. However, that side effect should go away and the hair loss wonít be permanent. If you notice that the hair loss continues after a few weeks of taking this medicine, make sure your doctor is aware of it.

There could be some side effects experienced with the use of Thyroxine Sodium. Some women find that they sweat more than normal. Headaches that are dull but that seem to linger may occur. Some women find that they are more sensitive to the sunlight than in the past. Always tell your doctor if you notice your vision in blurry, your breathing has changed, or your heart is beating rapidly.

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Thyronorm (Levothyroxine) 100mcg