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Thyronorm (Thyroxine) - 150mcg (100 Tablets)

Thyronorm (Thyroxine) - 150mcg (100 Tablets)

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Thyronorm 150mcg

There are plenty of health concerns that fall under the umbrella of the body not producing enough of the thyroid hormone. Thyroxine Sodium (Thyronorm or Levothyroxine) is often prescribed to help with producing more of it. The thyroid plays a vital role in regulating energy and mood for a person so when there is a lack of it, a person may not feel very well and their overall quality of life is less than what it should be.

For many individuals, the use of this medicine will be for the long term. There are exceptions though such as when someone has thyroid cancer that is being fought. The day may come when their treatment is done and they donít have to rely on Thyroxine Sodium any more. However, most patients will need to accept the fact that this is going to be an ongoing medicine that they need to take.

The amount of this medication to take has to be carefully determined by the doctor. Over time, the amount that a person takes may need to be changed. It all depends on what the body is naturally producing in the way of the thyroid hormone. It is vital to keep all appointments with the doctor to evaluate what the ongoing dose should be.

It is important to carefully follow the directions for the use of this medication. Thyroxine Sodium should be taken when you get up in the morning. Only take it with water and donít eat anything or drink anything else for at least 1 hour. Failure to follow this part of the procedure can prevent Thyroxine Sodium from helping to increase the production of the thyroid hormone.

Never take any other types of medicine, even those you can get without a prescription, until you talk to your doctor. Thyroxine Sodium tends to not mix well with a variety of items so you need to be positive you can take those other items and not reduce the effects of this particular one. Many people will experience some hair loss when they first use this medicine. That side effect will go away in a week or so, but if it doesnít tell your doctor.

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Thyronorm (Thyroxine) 150mcg