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Cafergot (Caffeine/Ergotamine) - (100 Tablets)

Cafergot (Caffeine/Ergotamine) - (100 Tablets)

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Cafergot is a combination of ergotamine and caffeine used to treat migraines. Both these chemicals constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the head which can relieve migraines and migraine-like headaches.

Preventing Migraines and Headaches with Cafergot

Cafergot works better at preventing headaches and migraines than relieving them. Cafergot is most effective when taken as you as you feel a headacho or migraine.

Cafergot Dosage

The standard dosage of Cafergot is two tablets taken at the beginning of the headach or migraine, followed by one tablet every subsequent 30 minutes as required. You should take no more than six tablets per migraine or headache. A maximum of ten tablets should be taken weekly. If this is not sufficient, contact your doctor for an alternative treatment.

Cafergot Side Effects and Precautions

Because of Cafergot's vasodilatory effect, you should tell your doctor of any medicines you are taking for heart problems or hypertension (high blood pressure). You should also mention if you are taking SSRIs, HIV/AIDS medicines, beta-blockers, antifungals, antibiotics, nefazodone, sibutramine, cimetidine, or other migraine/headache tablets.

Side effects are rare. Please contact your doctor if you notice any allergic reactions, chest pain, weakness, heart rate changes, muscle pain or numbness.

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Cafergot (Caffeine / Ergotamine)