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Lamisil Topical Spray (Terbinafine) - 1% (30mL)

Lamisil Topical Spray (Terbinafine) - 1% (30mL)

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Lamisil Topical Spray

Lamisil topical spray (containing terbinafine) can be a simple but effective way to get relief from fungal infections and other skin conditions. It is very important to take early action when it comes to fungal infections. They will only get worse if you allow them to spread. The use of Lamisil topical spray (containing terbinafine) can be a simple but effective way to get relief. Since you donít have to touch it like you do with a cream, it helps to reduce the transmission of fungi and germs.

What is Lamisil Topical Spray Used for?

Lamisil topical spray is most often used on the feet to take care of fungi known as athleteís foot. However, it can also be used around the genitals to take care of both jock itch and ring worm. Make sure you donít use it on any type of area that is open as the spray could lead to some type of infection. This spray is able to kill the enzymes that create the fungi. As a result, it canít continue to grow and those membranes die. This spray helps to offer relief from inflammation and itching until the membranes have all been successfully destroyed.

Lamisil Topical Spray Dosage & Administration

Make sure the area where you are going to apply Lamisil topical spray is clean and dry before you apply it. Keep the spray away from your mouth, nostrils, and eyes. Apply the spray in the morning and again in the evening for the best results. This spray should be used for the duration of time that your doctor states. This can range from 7 to 14 days. Donít stop using the spray sooner as the fungi may not be completely destroyed yet.

Make sure the areas of the body where you apply Lamisil topical spray have enough air circulating. Cotton underwear and socks are a good idea. Do your best once the fungi is destroyed to make sure you prevent such problems in the future. Washing showers well, changing immediately after a workout or playing sports, and even wearing special shows in a public shower are all going to help with preventing the growth of such fungi down the road.

Lamisil Topical Spray Side Effects & Precautions

You may experiences redness and itching when you use this spray. When you first apply it, there can be a mild stinging sensation. Donít use Lamisil topical spray if you have an allergy to Terbinafine. Women shouldnít use it if they are pregnant or nursing. Throw away any of the spray that remains after your course of treatment is complete.

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Lamisil Topical Spray