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Hydroxyzine Injection (Atarax Injection) - 25mg (2mL)

Hydroxyzine Injection (Atarax Injection) - 25mg (2mL)

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Hydroxyzine Injection

Hydroxyzine injection (Atarax Injection) is used to help with reducing the effects of tension and anxiety that are the result of emotional stress, alcoholism or delirium. This it typically combined with psychotherapy to help a person change their behaviors and identify their triggers. Some patients that are undergoing chemotherapy also need to get this medicine to help reduce anxiety for them relating to their health concerns.

The recommended dose will vary based on the medical assessment of the patient. The starting dose for adults is 25 mg and shouldn’t exceed 100 mg. The doctor will start a patient with the lowest possible dose and monitor their progress. It may be necessary to increase that dose over time in order to offer the most benefit. Ideally, the use of Hydroxyzine injection is for the short term only. The use of it should never be taken along with narcotics, barbiturates, or alcohol. The combination could result in a heart attack or death.

Some individuals experience numbness in their extremities with the use of this product. That is a sign of an allergic reaction and it should also warrant getting immediate medical attention. Hives, swelling of the face, shortness of breathe, and changes in heart rate are also indicators of an allergic reaction that shouldn’t be ignored.

Let your doctor know if you are taking any other forms of medication before you start with Hydroxyzine injection. This includes prescription medications, over the counter products, and herbal remedies. They may not interact well with the use of this medication.

Possible side effects can include insomnia, soreness around the injection site, nausea, and decreased appetite. These side effects usually are very mild and don’t prevent someone from being able to benefit from the use of Hydroxyzine injection. If the side effects are harsh or they don’t go away after about a week, you need to tell your doctor.

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Hydroxyzine Injection (Atarax Injection) Hydroxyzine Injection (Atarax Injection)