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Halovate 0.05% Cream (Halobetasol) - 0.05% (30gm Tube)

Halovate 0.05% Cream (Halobetasol) - 0.05% (30gm Tube)

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Halobetasol Cream

Halobetasol Cream (also called Ulobetasol Cream) may be prescribed to help relieve the itching and inflammation that are due to various skin problems. Common problems halobetasol cream are prescribed for include psoriasis, eczema and skin allergic reactions. This is a type of topical corticosteroid that may help to reduce the pain associated with redness and itching.

The cream should be applied to the skin a couple of times a day. Make sure that you follow the directions of the doctor. The skin area should be clean and the cream should be applied gently with clean hands. It is important to rub the Halobetasol Cream into the skin for the best overall results. Never use more than recommended as that can make the skin problem worse instead of better.

Allow the area where you have applied the medicine to remain open. Donít cover it with bandages or with clothing. It will work the best when air is allowed to properly circulate. Halobetasol Cream isnít recommended for skin problems that may occur under the armpits or around the genital areas.

This type of topical cream may not interact well with various other forms of medication. Halobetasol shouldnít be used continually for more than 2 weeks without a follow up with the doctor. This will help to determine if the Halobetasol Cream is working or not. It may take several days of continual use though to see an improvement in the skin. It isnít advised to get any type of vaccination while using this cream.

There could be some side effects that occur with the use of Halobetasol. They include changes in weight, muscle weakness, thirst that canít be satisfied, increased urination, confusion, fatigue, changes in vision, and headaches that continue day after day. This medication isnít recommended for children under 12 years of age, women who are pregnant, or women who are nursing.

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Halobetasol Cream (Halovate)