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Muse (Alprostadil) - 500mcg (6 Doses)

Muse (Alprostadil) - 500mcg (6 Doses)

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Alprostadil is designed to assist men with erectile issues. Alprostadil is part of the prostaglandin family. It is designed to enhance the flow of blood in the penis, which in turn supports an erection. This is accomplished by causing certain muscles to relax, which allows the blood vessels to widen. Once the medication runs its course the process will reverse itself and the erection will cease to be.

Common Precautions

Never utilize Alprostadil if any of the associated ingredients cause you to be allergic. If you have any blood problems never use Alprostadil. If you have any problems in the penis region like a penis that is deformed, or have had a penile implant do not use Alprostadil. Of course you want to ensure that you are cleared for sexual intercourse by your doctor before using Alprostadil as well.

Take precaution and consult your medical provider if any of these conditions pertain to you:

  • Breast feeding, pregnant or considering getting pregnant
  • You are using any other kind of medication
  • Have any known allergies
  • If you have kidney, urinary or penis infections
  • Taking any similar medication for erection problems
  • You are inflicted with a disease that is blood born
  • Using the anticoagulants family because it can enhance your bleeding risks

Always check with your doctor for a complete list of any precautions that should be observed before taking Alprostadil.

Usage and Dosage

Alprostadil is applied to the penis through injection. Your medical provider will show you how to accomplish this procedure. Once Alprostadil is mixed it should be administered immediately. If at any time the needle breaks during the process you should remove the needle at once and consult your doctor.

Alprostadil begins to take affect within twenty minutes of administering. The erection will typically be sustained for up to an hour. Never use this product more than once a day or three times per week.

Side Effects

Side effects are quite common with numerous medications. The extent of these side effects varies from user to user. If you experience bleeding of a mild nature where the medication was injected and mild pain in your genitals, you should consult your medical provider. If any serious side effects appear like the ones listed below become apparent; get medical treatment immediately:

  • Allergic reactions of a severe nature like breathing difficulty, chest tightening or facial swelling
  • An ejaculation of an abnormal nature
  • Penis bleeding from the tip
  • Bloody urine
  • Dizziness
  • Prolonged painful erection
  • White discharge from penis

Consult your medical provider for more side effects to look for. If you have any questions your doctor can provide them before taking Alprostadil.

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