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Actinica Lotion (80g)

Actinica Lotion (80g)

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Actinica Lotion

What is Actinica Lotion?

Actinica Lotion offers additional protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It provides broad spectrum protection from ultra violet radiation. It is often recommended to those that are at a higher risk of skin cancer or those who have already had skin cancer in the past. Actinica Lotion works by reflecting the UV radiation so it isnít absorbed by the skin.

What is Actinica Lotion Used for?

The use of Actinica Lotion isnít a replacement for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. You should still limit your exposure to the sun. Wearing a wide brimmed hat and long sleeves is important. Some individuals have a family history of skin cancer and using this lotion may lower that risk.

Individuals with fair skin often find they turn red due to UV rays even with sunscreen applied. This lotion can offer an additional layer of protection so you can have some time in the sun without the pain or damage to the skin.

Actinica Dosage and How to Take Actinica Lotion

For the best results, Actinica Lotion should be applied to the skin twice per day. Donít limit application only to when you will be exposed to UV rays. There is an applicator that allows you to apply the right amount of location. It is about 2 mg per centimeter of skin. You only have to apply the lotion to areas of the body that wonít be covered by the skin when you are exposed to UV rays.

Make sure you donít overlook commonly forgotten areas. For example the ears, scalp, and toes if you wear open toed shoes. Make sure you rub the lotion in well and try to allow it to penetrate the skin for at least 15 minutes before being exposed to UV rays. For best results, exfoliate your skin once a week.

Actinica Side Effects

Studies show most women donít experience any side effects with the use of Actinica Lotion. However, it is important to fully disclose all medications, lotions, and herbal products you may use. Some of them may not interact well with this particular product.

Actinica Precautions and Warnings

Some individuals are very sensitive to the ingredients found in Actinica Lotion. If you develop a skin rash or the area where you applied it gets hot stop using it. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss. It is recommended to apply this lotion to just a couple of areas for the first few days. This gives you time to see how your body will react to it.

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Actinica Lotion