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Aceret-25 (Acitretin) - 25mg (10 Capsules)

Aceret-25 (Acitretin) - 25mg (10 Capsules)

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Acitretin and Skin Problems

Acitretin (Aceret) is a treatment for various skin problems, primarily psoriasis or eczema. Acitretin capsules contain retinoids that contain Vitamin A. This ingredient helps to enhance the development of healthy skin cells. It also helps to prevent the deposits of thick scales that are often associated with various skin problems.

Acitretin Dosage

Acitretin needs to be taken daily and it is best to take it with a glass of milk or a light meal. It can take several weeks of using this medication before someone sees a significant reduction in the skin problem. It may be necessary to continue taking this medicine daily to prevent future outbreaks.

Acitretin Precautions

Generally you will need to see a specialist known as a dermatologist to get a diagnosis for such skin disorders. They will want to get a complete history from you including what you have tried in the past to take care of the skin problems. They will also ask you about any medications you currently take or health problems you are being treated for.

Women who are pregnant should never take Acitretin because it can cause very serious birth defects. Any woman who is taking it needs to make sure that she isnít at risk of getting pregnant. The doctor will often ask the woman to use two methods of birth control instead of just one when she is using this type of medicine as an additional precaution.

Sensitivity to sunlight is very common when using Acitretin so it is very important to take precautions when outdoors. The skin and the lips may dry out too so using bathing products with moisturizers can be helpful. A good lip balm will also be useful. If the eyes dry out then the use of eye drops a couple of times a day can offer some relief.

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