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Minocycline (Cynomycin) - 50mg (6 Capsules)
Minocycline (Cynomycin) is a type of antibiotic that will assist with removing harmful bacteria from the body. This allows the immune system to step in and to fight the bacteria as it isnít able to continue growing. Some of the types of infections that this form of medication can be used for include urinary tract infections (UTI), acne, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and ticks.

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Premarin (Conjugated Oestrogens) - 0.3mg (28 Tablets)
Premarin contains conjugated estrogens. Estrogen is one of the natural steroid produced in the body in females. The estrogens are the principal female hormones noteworthy because of their action on the female sexual and reproductive system.

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Premarin (Conjugated Oestrogens) - 0.625mg (28 Tablets)
Premarin is a product that may be prescribed for women who are suffering from changes in the vaginal area due to menopause. This can include vaginal dryness, itching, burning, or pain that may be experienced during sexual activities. Premarin contains conjugated oestrogens.

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