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Admenta (Memantine HCL) - 5mg (10 Tablets)
Admenta (Memantine HCL) is used to treat moderately severe to severe dementia and confusion when these symptoms are caused by Alzheimer's disease.

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Suminat (Sumatriptan) - 50mg (1 Tablet)
Sumatriptan Tablets (Suminat) can offer relief for all types of migraines. Most people donít know when they will occur. What they do know though is that they cause them to feel excruciating pain. They are often sensitive to light, feel nauseated, and need to be where it is quiet. Sumatriptan has great results, and it has helped patients that didnít get much relief from other forms of migraine medication they tried before.

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Tizanidine (Tizan) - 2mg (10 Tablets)
Tizanidine (Tizan) is a muscle relaxant that may be used to slow down the severity of the symptoms of MS. Individuals that have Multiple Sclerosis, also called MS, have problems with muscle tone and muscle spasms. To help keep the muscles strong and to offer more control over muscle movement the use of medicine is required. This type of medicine is classified as a muscle relaxer. It slows down the brain activity and that enables to the nervous system to tell the muscles they can relax.

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Trazalon (Trazodone) - 50mg (10 Tablets)
Trazodone is a type of antidepressant that is believed to help the brain produce more serotonin. This is a chemical that helps to control mood. When a person doesnít have enough of it they may suffer from depression. This medication is also used to help treat very high levels of anxiety.

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Susten Gel (Progesterone) - 8% (1.35g Tube)
Susten gel is a vaginal gel which contains progesterone. Susten Gel contains 8% progesterone in a 1.35g vaginal applicator.

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Desvenlafaxine (D-Veniz) - 100mg (10 Tablets)
Desvenlafaxine 100mg (D-Veniz) is FDA approved to treat depression. Desvenlafaxine is a new Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor. Desvenlafaxine works by altering neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine) in the brain. Desvenlafaxine is also being considered as the first non-hormonal treatment for menopause. Desvenlafaxine is a synthetic form of the primary metabolite in venlafaxine.

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Mirtazapine (Mirtaz) - 15mg (10 Tablets)
Mirtazapine (Mirtaz 15mg) can be used to help control depression. Mirtazapine is in the class of antidepressants. Mirtazapine works by helping to increase certain activities in the brain. This in turn is able to help with regulating the balance of chemicals in the brain.

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Topiramate (Topirol) - 25mg (10 Tablets)
Topiramate (Topirol) is a medicine used to help control seizures for those with epilepsy. However, it can also be prescribed for those that have a history of chronic migraine headaches. It is very important to note that in this regard, the mediation would be used to help prevent the headaches from occurring. Once a person is experiencing a migraine, then they need to rely on another medication to help them end the pain.

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Bupron (Bupropion) - 150mg (10 Tablets)
Bupron (Bupropion) is given to help those that are struggling to end their addiction to nicotine and stop smoking. This medicine is also given to individuals who suffer from seasonal depression disorder (feeling depressed during the winter months) or other forms of depression.

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Metaxalone (Flexura) Tablets - 400mg (10 Tablets)
Metaxalone (Flexura) is a type of mild muscle relaxant. It may be prescribed when someone has a type of sprain or strain that is causing them pain and discomfort. Many doctors will also recommend exercises that can be done at home or physical therapy to help with resolving the problem.

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