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Pirfenidone (Pirfenex) - 200mg (10 Tablet)

Pirfenidone (Pirfenex) - 200mg (10 Tablet)

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Pirfenidone (Pirfenex) is a type of medication that can help to reduce the production of TGF Beta. This is a type of chemical in the body that controls many functions of the cells. Too much TGF Beta is what is believed to cause Cystic Fibrosis and very serious inflammation in the body. This medication has also been used to help those that have suffered from inflammation due to problems with the liver, kidneys, or the lungs.

Pirfenidone is an oral medication and the amount of it depends on the needs of the patient. Typically it will be offered in the lowest possible dose. It has to be taken daily for the best results. It can take up to 3 months of use for someone to notice a significant reduction in the level of pain that they experience.

For the most part the use of Pirfenidone has been well tolerated by patients. There are some side effects but they are generally mild in nature. They include nausea and dizziness. These symptoms usually go away after a few weeks of use. They can increase when the dose of this medication is increased.

Taking this medication with food can help to reduce nausea. Patients are encouraged to get out of bed slowly in the mornings too. They should also stand up slowly when resting during the day. It is believed such a precaution can help to reduce dizziness. Until a person knows how Pirfenidone will affect them they shouldn’t operate a vehicle or machinery.

It is very important to disclose to the doctor any other medicines that may be taken. This includes prescribed medications, herbal products, and those that can be purchased over the counter. This medication could make those less likely to work. The use of alcohol should be avoided while taking Pirfenidone.

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