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Lipex (Simvastatin) - 40mg (30 Tablets)

Lipex (Simvastatin) - 40mg (30 Tablets)

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Lipex 40mg

Lipex and Lowering Cholesterol

Lipex is one of the most common medications that are offered to help people in lowering cholesterol levels. It doesnít solve the problem but it does prevent the body from producing so much of the cholesterol. When a patient is also eating well and getting exercise it can prove to be a winning combination of efforts that get results. As a person lowers their cholesterol they also lower their risk of heart disease.

This form of medication may have to be taken for several months before the levels of cholesterol are low enough for the doctor to end it. Some people have to continue taking it for the rest of their lives or their cholesterol levels will increase. Taking it daily though is a great way to get on the right track. Donít miss doses as that will reduce the overall value that it offers.

In order to evaluate the benefits from Lipex the doctor will order blood work. They will document the results and then do those same tests after the medication has been used for at least 2 weeks. The goal is to find the right daily dose that offers the best value to the patient. This dose may be 20 mg but it may be 40 mg per day. Typically males will need more than females but that isnít always the case.

Lipex Precautions

The liver can be affected with the use of Lipex so that should be tested periodically too. For those that have problems with their liver or with their kidneys the use of Lipex may not be a good idea. Your doctor can help you to evaluate the pros and cons to make up a good decision about the issue.

Lipex Side Effects

Most people are able to use this medication without too many side effects occurring. If nausea is present then try to take it with food. For most people though they can take it without food and not feel nauseated from doing so. You will likely notice that your urine is a very dark color and that is nothing to be alarmed about.

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