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Gabapin (Gabapentin) - 400mg (10 Capsules)

Gabapin (Gabapentin) - 400mg (10 Capsules)

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Gabapentin 400mg

Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant which can also be used to relive pain associated with other neurological problems (shingles, diabetic neuropathy, extreme menopausal hot flashes). Shingles can be very severe and they need to be cleared up as quickly as you can. The use of Gabapentin (Gabapin) may work to help clear them up. Your doctor may ask you to try Gabapentin for a period of time to see how it works for you. This is often recommended when someone has had many outbreaks of shingles.

Gabapentin can stop the brain from sending messages to the body that are overactive. It is believed that such messages are what allows the body to break out with the shingles. Then a person has more anxiety so it becomes a continuous cycle for them to contend with. This is an anticonvulsant medicine, and often given for people that have epilepsy as well.

Gabapentin is offered as a tablet or capsule for this use. It is offered as a liquid for those that have difficulty with swallowing pills though. Usually Gabapentin will need to be taken 2 times per day for shingles, about 12 hours apart. It is important to take the recommended dose as prescribed. Donít stop taking it until all of Gabapentin is gone and you have the approval of your doctor to end the regimen.

You can take Gabapentin with or without food so do what works best for you. For it to work effectively, you canít skip any doses. Dehydration is possible if you donít consume enough water. Try to increase your intake of it while using this medication. If you stop using Gabapentin abruptly it could result in some withdrawal symptoms developing.

Never use alcohol while taking Gabapentin as it could make you very drowsy. Some common side effects include feeling dizzy, feeling tired, and mild headaches. They should subside after a week or so of using this medication.

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Gabapin (Gabapentin) Gabapin (Gabapentin) 400mg