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Flixotide Accuhaler (Fluticasone Propionate) - 50mcg (60 Doses)

Flixotide Accuhaler (Fluticasone Propionate) - 50mcg (60 Doses)

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Flixotide Accuhaler 50mcg

Flixotide Accuhaler for Mild to Moderate Asthma

Flixotide Accuhaler is often prescribed for patients with mild to moderate asthma. It can reduce common symptoms including shortness of breath and wheezing. This medication reduces inflammation in the lungs so that the airways are open and oxygen can flow in easily. This type of medication is known as a corticosteroid.

In order forFlixotide Accuhaler to be as effective as possible, it has to be used regularly. It is important to understand that this isnít a product to use for sudden asthma attacks. As a result, patients will also be encouraged to have a quick relief inhaler with them.

Flixotide Accuhaler Dosage

This medication can be used by those over 12 years of age. The frequency of use and how much of it to use per dose depends on the needs of the patient. That information will be determined by the doctor once a full assessment has been completed. Never take more of than prescribed. Flixotide Accuhaler should never be used by any person that it wasnít prescribed for.

Flixotide Accuhaler Precautions

There is a risk of a yeast infection occurring called thrush when using Flixotide Accuhaler. To help prevent that from occurring, it is a good idea to rinse the mouth out after each use. It can take a couple of weeks to realize the full benefits of this medication. If your breathing doesnít improve after that period of time make sure you discuss it with your doctor.

Flixotide Accuhaler Side Effects

There could be some mild side effects that occur with the use of this medication. They include hoarseness and a sore throat. Such side effects should go away within a few days of use. If they linger or they are painful make sure you talk to your doctor about it. Make sure you have an extra dose available because it can be tough to know when your product is about empty.

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