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Arrow Azithromycin - 500mg (2 Tablets)

Arrow Azithromycin - 500mg (2 Tablets)

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Azithromycin 500mg

Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic medication that will allow you to fight the bacteria and to prevent it from spreading. Arrow-Arithromycin is a brand of arithromycin used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections.

Since these types of diseases can be very powerful, it may be necessary to take Azithromycin for up to 10 days. With many other uses of this antibiotic, the time frame is only 5 days. Make sure you pay close attention to the time frame that your doctor gives you. Even if you start to feel better, continue to take the medicine until it is all gone. That gives you the best chances of successfully killing all of the bacteria in the body.

Donít take more of this medicine than you were prescribed as that can create serious health concerns for you. Always take Azithromycin with food so that you wonít experience nausea or vomiting. Take it with water too so that you are less likely to suffer from dry mouth or from dehydration. One of the common side effects from this medicine is diarrhea and that can increase the risk of being dehydrated if you donít take in enough fluids.

Most people donít have too many side effects. However, you may find that you donít sleep as easily as before. You may find that you have a headache that lingers for a few days with the start of this particular medication. Since Azithromycin may interact adversely with other forms of medicines, always talk to your doctor before you take anything else with it.

Signs of a serious side effect with this medication include yellowish skin or eyes, swelling of the face or body, itching that doesnít seem to stop, and a rash that is in areas of the skin. Make sure you donít ignore those side effects and get medical attention for them.

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