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Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) - 2mg/gm (5g)

Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) - 2mg/gm (5g)

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Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) - 2mg/gm (5g)


Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) refers to immunosuppressive agents that are used to treat eye diseases of autoimmune ethiology in dogs: keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), general dry eye and chronic superficial keratitis (pannus). Also, the drug can be used to enhance the effect of local corticosteroids or instead of them, if corticosteroids are contraindicated due to ulcerative lesions of the cornea.

As a result of the anti-inflammatory effect of the drug, the condition of surface of the affected eye improves: conjunctival hyperplasia decreases, with prolonged use, neovascularization and corneal pigmentation decrease.

Dosage and Administration

Always follow your veterinarian`s instructions when using Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) to get the safest and most effective results from treatment. Before applying the ointment, the affected eye is washed and thoroughly cleaned. A small amount of ointment (1/2-1 cm) is applied directly to the cornea or in the conjunctival sac every 12 hours, without touching the tip of the tube to the surface of the eye.

Skipping should be avoided with the introduction of the next dose of the drug, as this can lead to a decrease in therapeutic efficacy. In the treatment of CCM, continuity is important, in studies it was shown that the stimulation of lacrimation ceases within 24 hours after the cessation of therapy.

If you miss one dose, you must enter it as soon as possible. Further, the interval between injections of the drug does not change.

Adverse effects

Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) usually does not cause any side effects. In the early days of applying Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) may be a little irritation. In case the irritation persists, the use of the medicinal product shall be terminated in consultation with the veterinarian. If the animal has symptoms of an allergic reaction (such as redness, itching, respiratory distress), contact your veterinarian immediately.


Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) can only be used for one month after opening the tube. The medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place.